The School is located in Altos de Betania – El Dorado, Panama City. It was founded in 1994 as a branch of ILERI Costa Rica.

It is located a 20 minutes taxi or bus ride from the downtown and banking areas of the city. It is only 10 minutes away from the only and most accessible seasonal dry forest in Latin America located in the Parque Natural Metropolitano complete with tamarin monkeys, anteaters and sloths.

The area around the school is perfect for our Spanish Immersion Program because the students will learn about the real life in Panama and they will understand more about our culture and language.

Panamá city, because of its geographical location, is full of cultural and ethnic contrasts.

Panamá offers the students an attractive diversity, from the colonial city to a modern city of skyscrapers; from the densest jungle in the world to the archipelago with one of the purest indigenous cultures left in the hemisphere-the kunas. And Panama is much more than this. It is the robust salsa danced by its people, the human warmth of the Panamanians who confronts his difficulties with the rhythm of this happy «tamborillo», a folk rhythm. Inside of this tropical happiness, we also find a world of international commerce and finance where you can find merchandise from all parts of the world at bargain prices at all times of the year.

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