Costa Rica Volunteer Programs:
For over 25 years ILERI has been successfully providing students the volunteer experience in different companies and organizations.


Costa Rica is a country that welcomes people to come work as a volunteer for many years.

We appreciate the work of the students from different countries who want to help us to protect our wild reserves. It is important for them to be placed where they can develop their abilities as volunteers.

The volunteer program in Costa Rica starts in different areas in order to teach the foreign people the needs of our country.

It is necessary to know that is better for them to learn the language or improve it in order to communicate with the local people in the rural areas or at the little towns around the city.

After the volunteer programs in Costa Rica they experience a change in their lives because not did they work but also learned the language and culture.





If you would like to join our volunteer program in a specific work field, we will be more than glad to help you with your selection. It can be arranged through the school, in cooperation with different organizations.

Please let us know your interest area and we will find the most suitable volunteer program according to your expertise and curriculum.


Our volunteer programs:


Conservation volunteer program: This program includes conservation areas volunteer projects: turtles, zoos, national parks, private reserves.



Social work volunteer program


The volunteers offer their services in different ways. They work with seniors, young people, and children in schools and foundations. They can also teach English.

Price: $25 per day
  • Included: • Meals • Lodging • Volunteer work
$50 Registration Fee