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  Learn Spanish in Costa Rica

ILERI Spanish School was founded in Escaz˙, Costa Rica in 1992. In 1994 we opened a branch in Betania, Panama City. The school is run by two professional women with degrees in both International Relations and Spanish as a Second Language. The owners and directors are Ana Leonor RamÝrez and Marianela Valverde (Panama director).

We are pleased to take this opportunity to introduce you The Language Institute ILERI.

Formal classes consist of 4 hours of Spanish instruction daily, 5 days a week. From the beginning, students are taught exclusively in Spanish through the Total Immersion Method.

Upon completion of the course each student receives a diploma.

Associated with the formal Spanish Language programs offered by our Institutes are "homestays", during which students live with local families. After classes, students have the opportunity to practice Spanish daily with their families in an informal setting while simultaneously experiencing the culture more thoroughly.

In addition, ILERI Costa Rica offers school activities such as dance lessons and cooking classes, field trips, city tours to Escaz˙ and San JosÚ, and tours to the local museums and theaters. Similarly, ILERI Spanish School in Panama City offers tours to the Panama Canal, movies in Spanish, walking tours, and visits to places of interest such as theaters, museums and National Forests.

Costa Rica is culturally rich and has been at peace with neighbors for over a century. The commitment Costa Rica has made to the preservation of its natural resources has made this tiny country world famous. If you want to travel more extensively in Costa Rica, we can help you make all the necessary arrangements.

We invite you to come to Escaz˙ to learn Spanish in Costa Rica and enjoy our country and culture!


  • Free wireless internet and a free internet station in the school building
  • Free coffee during the break
  • Parking area
  • Big school yard in order to have classes outside
  • Tour arrangements
  • Bakery and supermarket close to the school
  • 3 blocks from the bus station to San JosÚ
  • Near the school you can find: banks, cinemas, a shopping mall, bars and restaurants






Learn Spanish in Costa Rica!

ILERI Language Institute
Phone: (506) 2228 - 1687 / (506) 8384 - 2465
300 West from the post office, Escaz˙ center, San JosÚ, Costa Rica


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